"Dr. Adrian Rossi’s delivery of the [WebSphere Process Server 7.0] course was exceptional; and so well explained, and further enhanced through Q&A, this course was very advanced and very complex given the business terminology, and technology being used he sure helped to bring the complexity to a much easier level to understand and demystify many of the concepts. I sure look forward to another training session with Dr. Adrian Rossi; he is by for the most talented and most advanced Teacher/Trainer I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting." - Leo, Toronto, ON [WebSphere Process Server 7.0 Administration]

"Thanks again for the WebSphere class! " - Jim, Rochester, NY

"Thanks a lot for your great Oracle [10g Administration] course that we had last week. We were pleased to share our satisfaction with our training department..." - Leo, Ottawa, ON [Oracle 10g Administration]

"Super...willing to spend extra effort to further explain course content as it applies to our environment. " - Carla, Ottawa, ON

"Adrian, thanks for teaching this class. This course is very useful for me." - Bob, Ottawa, ON [EJB 3.0 Programming with Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3]

"Excellent course, lots of information well put together and great for one weeks worth of information. Excellent overview of all the topics. More than sufficient enough to get any learner started, before they can move forward "independantly". The subjects were well explained and the enthusiasm of the professor was highly appreciated :)..." - Ottawa, ON [WebSphere Application Server v6.1 Administration]

"I loved this course very much. " - Michel, Ottawa, ON  [EJB 3.0 Programming with Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3]

"The course presented a high-level introduction to SOA and explained many terms that I have heard but did not understand prior to the course. I enjoyed Adrian's presentation style, he is lively and had expert knowlege of the subject." - James, Pittsburgh, PA [Introduction to SOA]

"Adrian's presentation is very engaging. I liked his enthusiasm." - John, Pittsburgh, PA [Introduction to SOA]

"Instructor was very knowledgable & kept course on track." - Jennifer, Pittsburgh, PA [Introduction to SOA]

"He is very easy to listen to, variances in voice tones and gestures help keep attention. Too many instructors are "monotone"." - Erika, Pittsburgh, PA [Introduction to SOA]

"This course was an absolute pleasure. Adrian delivered invaluable insight into SOA world for the SOA novice. " - Jamel, Albany, NY [SOA Foundation Workshop].

"This is by far the best SOA discussion I have ever seen - GREAT JOB! Thank You!" - James. Denver, CO [SOA Best Practices]

"Very knowledgeable instructor and able to tailor class to student knowledge level." - Mike, Denver, CO [SOA Best Practices]

"Adrian is a very Senior Solutions Architect, Analyst, as well as has a PhD in Physics and is very highly qualified and skilled at what he does...The most important thing about Adrian is his incredible interpersonal and people skills  He gets along exceptionally well with all the teams and just about anyone I can think of. He is that rare breed of ... person who is fun and fascinating to talk to.  Also he is VERY client friendly." - Robin Coates, VP Corporate Project Services.

"This was the best course I have ever attended. The instructor had an amazing depth of knowledge on all course topics and also the related concepts and technologies. Very impressed."  - David, Dublin, Ireland.